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How we work

1. Create your package

When ordering, decide which plan suits you best. Select how many days per week and how many meals per day you would like. Once confirmed, choose which two delivery days suit your schedule.

Step 1 Nourish Fit Food
Step 2 Nourish Fit Food

2. Choose your meals

After confirming which plan and delivery days suit you, you will be able to select which meals you would like over the duration of the week.

The meals will be spilt over two deliveries, so you can plan which meals you would like in each delivery.

3. Chef prepared

All the food is prepared in our Nourish Fit Food kitchen, where our fresh produce is cooked in accordance with your order.

All of our meals are prepared by fully qualified chefs who are passionate about delivering restaurant quality food whilst ensuring ingredients are of the finest local produce packed full of essential vitamins and minerals.

Step 3 Nourish Fit Food
Step 4 Nourish Fit Food

4. Packaging & Delivery

Once your meals are cooked, they are carefully packaged by our kitchen team into our branded, double-walled cardboard box. Our boxes have a foil liner and ice-coolants to keep your food at the optimum temperature until it is delivered to your door.

Our trusted courier, DPD collects the food on the afternoon it is cooked and delivers it the next day, by midday, to the address of your choice.

5. Heat & Eat

Upon completion of delivery, your food needs to be refrigerated.

All meals have a best before date specified on the label. Your second batch of meals will be delivered on your chosen day, we split your plan into two deliveries over the week to ensure all meals are of maximum taste, quality and freshness.

Step 3 Nourish Fit Food
Step 4 Nourish Fit Food

6. Re-Order

We are a subscription service, so your food will automatically be delivered on the same days the following week.

You can change your meals selection in your account on the website, additionally you can pause or cancel your subscription. If no changes are made, the same meal selection as the previous week will be delivered.

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